Mercy Aigbe 
Mercy Aigbe 

Mercy Aigbe’s Baby Daddy Publicly Frowns At Her Mother’s Day Post

Mercy Aigbe has always referred to herself as the breadwinner of her family and sole guardian of her children, but it appears to be a fluke. 

Pearl Emmanuel

Following actress Iyabo Ojo's emotional message on Mother's Day, fellow actress, Mercy Aigbe, has crowned herself a supermom while wishing herself a Happy Mother's Day.

In a short Instagram post, she made the world believe that she has been solely responsible for her daughter, Michelle, for the past 18 years. Mercy had also insinuated in a previous interview that she was the sole breadwinner of her family who catered to the needs of her children.

Mercy Aigbe and daughter, Michelle 
Mercy Aigbe and daughter, Michelle 

The truth, according to an anonymous source close to the actress’ baby daddy, is that Mercy Aigbe's first seed, Michelle, was the result of her relationship with Ibo businessman, Mr Chinenye Madunatu. The actress and her businessman lover had a brief relationship and she thought if she became pregnant he would go ahead to tie the knot with her. But to her surprise, the businessman opted to take care of the child.

Mercy gave birth to Michelle in Akari Estate, Isolo, and shortly after, moved with her child to Osapa, London, in Lekki, Lagos. Michelle's full name is Chidiogo Michelle Madunatu. Her paternal grandmother took care of Michelle, but according to sources, Mercy wanted money coming to her pocket from child support so she stormed the house and took Michelle into her custody.

Shortly after, she met Lanre Gentry and they got married. Mr Gentry unofficially adopted Michelle as his, while Mr Madunatu was still sending money for child support, as claimed by close sources.

This close source, who also happens to be a family friend, opened up that the reason Mercy always portrays herself to be the breadwinner of her family is because she is in a competition with fellow actress, Iyabo Ojo, who is also a single mother and a business mogul.

If you recall, on Father’s Day, the actress did something similar, celebrating herself as a father to her children, when her estranged husband called her out on social media for lying. She quickly edited the post and went off to apologise to Lanre Gentry for undermining his position in the lives of his children and to the public at large.

Although many claim that Mr. Madunatu might be lying about sending money for child support, some have asked why he would allow another man raise his child while he is rich and very much alive.

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