Teni Apata
Teni Apata

Teni Makanaki On The Verge Of Losing Her Career, Loses Millions Of Loyal Fans

Will Teniola’s career survive this current stagnation? Find out!

Pearl Emmanuel

Teniola has used social media to her advantage but it just might seem she has lost the singing touch and has taken to comedy skits.

Many fell in love with the younger sister of prominent songstress, Niniola, because of her melodious voice and her relatable next door approach to fame.

With social media, the entertainer groomed her loyal fans who became avid marketers of her songs. From her first official single, titled "Fargin", she has continued to soar until now and has since recorded hits back to back. But it seems it has all become stagnant.

It is obvious that the one take God, as she calls herself, is human after all and is currently experiencing a “singer's block". The fact that months have gone by without any melodic hit single from the artiste is proof of that. Instead, funny skits have become the order of the day for this young entertainer and fans aren't having any of it.

The pressure for a new song probably became too much for Teni that she decided to release a single titled "Sugar Mummy". While many anticipated the release, fans were shocked when the visuals of the song finally aired. It was a huge deviation from the brand Teniola had strenuously built overtime.

The song was a complete joke, a portrayal of a stranger desperate for relevance and social media comeback. Sadly, seven days later, the song had enjoyed less than 500,000 views, which is a huge slap to her previous big hit, “Uyo Meyo”, with over 7 million views.

Perhaps Teniola should not have succumbed to pressure and released a song like “Sugar Mummy”, which is a far cry from her standing record and a confirmation that she might just have lost her touch with music and Midas approach to music entertainment in Nigeria.

Will she ever rise from this and get fans to fall in love with her songs again? This is the question that lingers in the heart of many while they patiently wait for her to revive her fast declining music career.

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