Married couple
Married couple

7 Reasons Married Women Have Extramarital Affairs

Kevin David

Kevin David

Oftentimes, men are touted as the sex more likely to cheat in a relationship, but it is said that women are smarter cheats, especially married women.

Here are a few reasons why a married woman will consider cheating. So, as a married man, you can take heed and make the situation better.

1. Sheer boredom

Variety, they say, is the spice of life. So, when sex becomes a predictable routine and a part of a bunch of to-do list, monotony kills your sexual zeal and the joy of companionship. This could spur a woman to cheat.

2. Career goals

This could keep partners away from each other, and as such, loneliness creeps in.

3. Craving for more

Women are just as desirous of variety as men. Society just places that moral responsibility on them to keep to one man, so they might find it flattering when other men woo them and find themselves falling.

4. Lack of love

Some marriages are more an act of convenience than love, and at some point, you will be headed for the rocks.

5. Tormented marriage

Some women cheat as a way of escape from a tormented marriage characterized by domestic violence, an alcoholic partner, marital rape, etc and seek solace in the arms of another man.

6. Ex-flames

Sometimes, when two ex-lovers meet, sparks fly and emotions get reignited leading to an affair.

7. Revenge

For many reasons, a scorned wife might out of revenge take to cheating to score some points with her husband. Therapy and counseling might be helpful when this happens.

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