Bobrisky Admits To Cutting Off His Male Genital Organ

Bobrisky has fulfilled his life-long desire to transition into a woman, or could this just be a ploy to get some attention? 

Pearl Emmanuel

In a recent post, Bobrisky made it a point to address those judging his lifestyle choices. He gave out a sound warning to them to steer clear of his page if they are not footing any of his numerous bills.

In preparation for his upcoming birthday, Bobrisky took his time to reply his followers on his page.

When asked about his transitioning to womanhood, he replied that he was a full fledged woman and shouldn't be addressed as a man anymore. A curious fan quickly asked if he truly yanked off his p*nis or if he was wearing a butt pad. To this, Bobrisky replied that he had his p*nis and other male organs taken off and he has fully transitioned.

He further explained to those in doubt to meet him at Oriental Hotel so he can serve them hot sex with his newly acquired p*ssy. He also bragged that he cannot get pregnant therefore there would be no need to use a condom during sex.

To the best of our knowledge, Bobrisky is still wearing a butt pad although he vehemently disagrees on social media. Bobrisky is a cross-dresser or in new pop culture slang a "drag queen".

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