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Mother and daughter - Happenings

Training Your Children: Learn How In 8 Easy Steps 

Titilayo Ilori

It is normal for parents to make mistakes when it comes to parenting. There are things you might be doing unknowingly that might be hurting your children and this will make them scared of you.

The most important thing is to learn from these mistakes before they have negative effects on your children. Below are seven ways to help bring you closer to your children.

1. Encourage your children

It is not a bad idea to advise your children, but try as much as possible to encourage them more than advise them.

Children that don't get enough encouragement from their parents end up suffering from low self-esteem.

2. When shopping for them, let them pick what they want

True, not all items are good for the kids, but if your children pick an item that is harmful to their health, explain to them why you can't buy that particular item and ask them to pick another one. If you don't allow them to make their choice, they might end up taking other people's things.

3.  Let them make  mistakes

The fact is, children make mistakes. They will learn from them. Let them know that  life is not a smooth journey and there are obstacles.

If you continue protecting them from making a mistake they won't be able to solve any problem on their own and they might end up becoming cowards.

4. Praise them once in a while

If your children do something praiseworthy, don't hesitate to give them the praise they deserve. If you don't, it will make them get angry at any little thing just because they want attention.

5. Don't compare

Don’t compare your children to their peers, or you could make them feel too little of themselves. They might also grow to become jealous of others or suffer from inferiority complex.

6. Don't turn little issues into a big deal

If you are the type of parent that turns a little matter into a big deal, your children will  become secretive

7. Mind what you say around them

Don't forget that children are fast learners. They assimilate anything they hear. If your children become rude, it is because they have been learning it from you or someone around.

8. Don't overreact

It is normal for parents to sometimes overreact when the kids do something wrong, but you must learn to control yourself. If you don't, your children might turn out to be liars and you wouldn't blame them for lying.

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