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Bishop Ime Bishop Umoh
Bishop Ime Bishop Umoh

Actor Ime Bishop Umoh Defends Policemen In Abuja Who Raped Prostitutes

Bishop Umoh, the man who was once considered funny, has been crucified on social media for supporting rape. 

Pearl Emmanuel

People cringed every second they had to watch the video of Bishop Umoh, popularly known as Okon, defending the unlawful act of rape.

The actor supported the policemen who raped prostitutes in Abuja in a video he considered funny but in reality was a pathetic show of decadent knowledge acquired from a primitive upbringing.

He weighed in on the women who were unlawfully arrested in a club in Abuja and termed prostitutes by the policemen who forcefully took them to a cell.

The actor explained that, in his dictionary which must have been put together in his not so enlightened skull, the policemen didn't rape the women they called prostitutes but only had sex with them and refused to pay for it.

According to him, prostitutes sell their bodies on a regular day for money and should not cry rape when they have sex with them. He explained further that their annoyance was that the policemen didn't pay them for having sex in a forceful manner with them.

For a man many thought was sane, he disappointed his fans with his cave-like thoughts. He was outspoken about his statement and has since refused to retract the video. He took it a step further and started insulting people who felt he was wrong to have uttered such insensitive statements.

Many have since unfollowed the actor and have crucified him on social media for his comments and further questioned his sanity.

Actor Ime Bishop Umoh Defends Policemen In Abuja Who Raped Prostitutes
Actor Ime Bishop Umoh Defends Policemen In Abuja Who Raped Prostitutes

A man who reasons in such a primordial manner would have committed a lot of atrocities while hiding under the tag of “celebrity”’ and would feel entitled to having sex with random women. We hope he has not transferred such thoughts to his children and maybe spouse.

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