Naira Marley
Naira Marley

EFCC Explains Why Naira Marley Will Not Be Released Anytime Soon

“Am I a Yahoo Boy?” crooner. Naira Marley might have bitten more than he can chew as the EFCC has refused to grant him bail.

Pearl Emmanuel

Following the news of Zlatan and three other people being released from EFCC’s custody on Tuesday, many were shocked when the main subject, Naira Marley, wasn't among the ones exonerated by the law.

The EFCC has come out to explain via a spokesperson that Naira Marley would not be released. Instead, they plan on furthering his case by charging the artiste to the Nigerian court of law and allow the full course of the law take its place. The reason being that, according to the EFCC spokesperson, some incriminating evidence was found on Naira Marley and it would be wrong to allow the crime slide.

He also buttressed further that the four people who were released earlier (I.e Zlatan and his three friends) were released on administrative bail, which simply translates that the long arm of the law can always call them in for further questioning because they have not been discharged and acquitted.

According to a source, the EFCC holding facility is a well-furnished house where these miscreants are kept and catered for before proceeding to court. It is not a cell as many who have got to the comment section to complain think. Therefore, the source claims Naira Marley isn't currently being beaten or maltreated but just kept for questioning. In fact, he is allowed to interact with fellow inmates and create more links amongst them upon release.

Many feel that the EFCC is overflogging the case and deviating from more prominent criminals like politicians in office, what do you think about these allegation by the public?

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