Guccy Branch
Guccy Branch

Guccy Branch Becomes Internet Sensation After His Arrest With Zlatan

Social media glorifies even the most mundane things. Today’s trend is Guccy Branch’s instagram caption challenge. 

Pearl Emmanuel

Popularly called 'The Plug' by close friends, no one outside his inner circle knew the name Guccy Branch before the arrest of Naira Marley and Zlatan Ibile. But immediately the picture of those arrested went viral, the chubby black dude on the far left began to trend for his funny expression when the picture was taken.

Social media went agog with his image and started dressing him up in different attires. Instagram detectives got to work and finally discovered the mystery young man's page, and voila! They were surprised at his funny captions which no one ever took any notice of.

His hilarious captions have made Guccy Branch quite popular. Right now, there is a "bestguccybranchcaptionchallenge" on Instagram.

The young man, who was arrested for suspected online crimes, has become an internet sensation all of a sudden. The things which tickle the fancy of social media audience would leave many shocked. He got arrested as a nobody but came out as an internet sensation. He will probably start something of his own to get more attention, maybe a song or comedy skit, and would be referred to as an influencer.

We now live in a world where anyone would do the outrageous for popularity. There is no such thing as a bad name anymore. As long as the person in question has clout, brands will pay for that one to influence the sales of their products or services. The real question now remains: is there a line between what is accepted and rejected in social media space anymore?

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