Etinosa Idemudia 
Etinosa Idemudia 

Read! What Comedienne Etinosa Said To An Online Troll Will Shock You

Etinosa feels she has the power to take a person’s life as she places curses on the child of an online troll

Pearl Emmanuel

Etinosa has recently been a trending topic on social media because she did the unthinkable to an online troll who mocked her for going naked on MC Galaxy's live video a few months ago.

The comedienne, known popularly as 'Mummy G.O. of Chop Life Ministries', posted something about Jesus feeding 5000 people. An online troll came on her page and insulted her for going nude to get attention, reminding the comedienne that Jesus didn't have to go nude to feed the people and become popular in his time.

No one anticipated Etinosa’s response. She cursed the man's children and promised death on them. She went a step further to assure the man that he would shed tears for his children because she believed in her powers as an Edo lady.

The exchange between the two quickly escalated and Etinosa didn't seem to want to back off. She still stands by her statement. In fact, in an entirely new post, she had promised to place curses on trolls up to their fifth generation.

A lot of fans felt the comedienne went too far with the retaliation but Etinosa isn't retracting her statement. She said if anything happens to the man or his children, she should be held responsible for it.

Let's see how this eventually plays off. Do you think Etinosa should have remained silent to the online troll?

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