Speed Darlington
Speed Darlington

Speed Darlington Vows To Deflower Ned Nwoko’s Daughter

Singer, Speed Darlington, isn’t happy with the news of Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko’s relationship and he wants to do something drastic about it.

Pearl Emmanuel

It seems Speed Darlington, the artiste, is just getting hold of the news of Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko's sizzling hot romance and it isn't sitting well with the son of a popular Ibo herbalist.

Speed Darlington, upon receiving the news of Regina's relationship with billionaire, Ned Nwoko, has revealed his new obsession to have sex with Ned Nwoko's daughter. According to him he believes the act will teach the elderly billionaire a lesson, as he has refused to leave young girls alone.

Ned Nwoko
Ned Nwoko
Does this man have a daughter? I want to fuck his daughter I am obsessed with the thought 😠😠😠 I want to teach him a lesson. This man is married to a 22 year old and he is 60 years old I am 34 years old 22 19 and 23. Should be my playground what am I supposed to do now? If a 60 year old man is with early twenties am I supposed to become a pedophile and begin looking at 13 year olds? you see where my anger coming from

According to Speed Darlington's logic, Ned Nwoko had taken away the young single ladies and he might be forced into becoming a pedophile if he is left with no choice. Speed Darlington is angry that young ladies are no longer available, since they've taken to dating and marrying old men, leaving the young men frustrated.

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