5 Mature Ways To Reconcile With A Friend After An Argument
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5 Mature Ways To Reconcile With A Friend After An Argument

Titilayo Ilori


Having a misunderstanding with a friend is normal, but the way you resolve the issue is important. It takes a mature person to make the first move to resolve a misunderstanding with a friend, especially if the friendship is worth saving. Here are tips on how to resolve a quarrel with your friend:


1. Make an effort to see each other

Make an effort to see each other regardless of who is at fault.  Don't think you are belittling yourself by making the first move. This shows how mature you are.

2. Avoid talking about the past

Don't talk about what caused the fight. This will only dig painful memories. Start with a simple conversation and see where it leads. It’s not a problem if your friend decides to talk about the past. Both of you can iron it out. Avoid getting into another argument and make sure you give each other the opportunity to speak.

3. Apologize to each other

An apology goes a long way. Apologize to your friend even when you know he or she is at fault. It shows how important the friendship is to you. This will make your friend calm.

4.  Reconcile with each other

If the friendship is worth saving, you won't have a rethink before reconciling and forgetting about the past. After you would both have poured out your minds, you two can plan to move the friendship forward and forget about the past.

5.  Welcome a new beginning

You both should agree never to allow what caused your fight to repeat itself. It could be that you left him or her for new friends. Anything it might be, try not to repeat it again, otherwise you will end up looking like a big fool.

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