3 Signs Your Partner Lacks Affection

3 Signs Your Partner Lacks Affection

Titilayo Ilori

Lack of affection in a relationship can lead to serious issues between you and your partner. It can be difficult living with someone who does not show any affection. If your partner shows these three signs, know that he lacks affection.

1. He never holds your hands

Holding your woman's hands in public means a lot. It means "she is mine, I am proud of her, stay off, etc.” But a man who doesn't appreciate his woman will never show her love and affection. He will try everything possible to avoid holding or touching her. If possible he can ask her to walk ahead of him to avoid attention.

2.  He never tells you how he feels about you

If your partner never tells you how he feels about you, you must know there is something shady going on. This makes it hard to move one with the relationship, because you would not know what your partner has in mind. You will be too conscious of things you do in order not to upset him.

3. He pretends only in public places

Someone who lacks affection only tries to show off in public. There is no reason why you cannot show affection to your partner in public. So, if your partner is reluctant to show affection in private but is eager to show it public, such person is far from being affectionate.

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