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The Abortion Debate: Should Morals Or Common Sense Prevail? (Opinion)

The Abortion Debate: Should Morals Or Common Sense Prevail? (Opinion)

Kevin David

Kevin David

The State of Alabama, USA, recently signed into law the abortion bill that places a ban on abortion of any kind, leading many celebrities to either criticize or support the bill.

Those supporting the bill argue that once a foetus has a heartbeat, it makes it a living thing and should have a chance at life regardless of whatever circumstances led to its procreation, be it rape, incestuous sex or even if the mother is not capable of taking care of the child or at the risk of her own health. While those against the bill worry that the fate of an unborn child should be the call of the mother, not the government. If the mother feels unfit or unready to have a child, why force her to?

In cases of rape or incest, why force a woman to have a baby against her will. In cases where she is unwell to carry a baby to term, why put her life at risk? It makes absolute sense that we allow common sense prevail and support that women should have the right over their bodies.

The world is hugely populated as it is and government resources the world over are being stretched beyond limits; hence it doesn't make sense to bring in more illegitimate children who may be from rape or incestuous relationships into the world or force a woman to have a baby she does not want, which will end up being abused or in foster care.

Let's be aware that married women commit the most abortions, especially in this part of the world where couples don't see the need to use condoms or get family planning, and even at that, the population is massively exploding.

It is a time bomb waiting to go off as children that have not been planned for are being birthed and resources strained. We have little kids suffering and doing petty trading when they ought to be in school, going through social, psychological and physical trauma they didn't ask for.

This bill needs to be passed in order to prevent birthing a child with congenital issues or deformities. The legislators, who are mostly male and should not be making laws over women's bodies, in this state should kindly rescind their decision and have certain exceptions as stated above as conditions for having an abortion.