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5 Easy Tips On How To Wash Your Jeans Right
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5 Easy Tips On How To Wash Your Jeans Right

Titilayo Ilori

We all have that pair of jeans that we love and can hardly let go off, maybe because of the design or the way it fits.

Sometimes, we notice that our favourite pair of jeans is fading and wonder what went wrong. This might be because you have been washing it the wrong way and you need to stop. These tips will help you wash your jeans the right way.

1. Avoid washing with a brush

Washing your jeans with a brush might seem easy, but it is the easiest way to ruin your favourite pair of jeans. When washing the jeans, avoid putting too much pressure on your brush or it will ruin the fabric.

2. Don’t wash with detergent

Detergent is used mostly to remove stains from white clothes and should not be used to wash jeans because detergent will make your jeans fade off. So, it’s best to use bar soap.

3. Avoid spreading under direct sunlight

Sunlight can make your jeans fade. Avoid spreading it directly under the sun. In order to keep the colour intact, spread under a shaded area. It might take a long time to dry but it will make the jeans last longer and the colour will remain intact.

4. Don't wash all the time

Washing your jeans all the time will make it fade quickly. Limit the way you dip it in water and just spread it each time you wear till you notice it is due for washing, especially the ones with dark colours like blue, red, etc.

5. Wash inside out

Each time you want to wash your jeans, try turning it inside out. This will make it last longer, and just in case there is a stain on the right side, you can wash that spot gently and wash the stain alone.