Actor IK Ogbonna’s Ex-Wife Reveals She Was Depressed While Married To Him

Actor IK Ogbonna’s Ex-Wife Reveals She Was Depressed While Married To Him

Sonia Lareina is finally opening up about her struggle with depression while she was married to actor, IK Ogbonna.

Pearl Emmanuel

IK Ogbonna and wife, Sonia Lareina, split earlier this year. It only became public knowledge a few weeks ago when Sonia hinted on her Instagram story via a question and answer session with her fans that she had called it quits with the actor and was single again.

Sonia is opening up now that throughout her marriage with the Nollywood actor she suffered depression but hid it well with makeup and partying and also took on the role of a relationship counsellor to conceal her pain.

She wrote:

I fixed myself up so damn well! To think I suffered from serious depression for years and to be at the place of love, light and peace that I know today is magnificent. Nothing more priceless then a journey of awakening and light ⭐️❤️Here is a confession: in my entire life, I never felt this good, and I am very aware: its just a beginning!

According to a source who pleads anonymity, IK Ogbonna lured Sonia to the country with claims of being a big celebrity in Nigeria. Sonia had fallen deeply in love with IK when he invited her over to Nigeria and didn't suspect anything fraudulent.

Upon her arrival, she soon discovered the actor wasn’t what he portrayed online. She had stayed indoors for more than a week and was eager to visit places in Nigeria she had heard about, only to be shocked to discover IK was a struggling actor trying to stand on his feet. After much pressure, IK borrowed money from his friend to take her out.

Sonia was willing to do anything for the man she thought loved her, especially as she had gone too deep into the relationship..

IK allegedly pressured Sonia into prostitution and became her pimp. He introduced her to wealthy men of Lagos and took the lion share of what she made from her escapades. Allegedly, the actor was also swinging the other way.

Sonia felt she was in love and trapped in a foreign country so she stuck with him. She later got pregnant for the actor and the two became official but this didn't slow the actor’s philandering ways.

Sonia soon got tired of being pimped out. She became friends with some notable actresses who encouraged her to leave and become her own boss. Thus, she separated from the actor who many suspect is bisexual.

This background story explains Sonia's battle with depression throughout her relationship with actor, IK Ogbonna.

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