Foluke Daramola
Foluke Daramola

Actress Foluke Daramola Shuns Celebrities Clamouring For Naira Marley’s Release

Pearl Emmanuel

After the videos and pictures of Naira Marley appearing in court went viral, many influencers and notable celebrities spoke out asking for the release of the rapper.

Actress, Foluke Daramola, has made a video to address the Naira Marley issue. The actress, who disassociated herself from the rapper, claiming not to have any knowledge or close affiliation with him, stated that Nigeria has a terrible image in the globe and should be applauded when its officials rise to curb crime and corruption.

She expressed her disappointment in celebrities who have publicly supported the rapper who repeatedly endorsed internet fraud. She also stressed that Nigerians should applaud the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission for its efforts in making an example of Naira Marley and allowing the long arm of the law take its full course.

She further cautioned those who make comments suggesting that the officials should focus on politicians. She explained that even if politicians were defrauding the government and their citizens, they don't openly come out to announce it like Naira Marley. She said instead, the celebrities should encourage the EFCC to apprehend and arrest politicians too.

The actress concluded with a note that Nigerians should be ready to embrace patriotism and always ensure the right things are done always. She stated that being law abiding starts from the grassroots before it gets to the government level.

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