Tonto Dikeh and Halima Abubakar
Tonto Dikeh and Halima Abubakar

Revealed! See Why Halima Abubakar Is Angry With Tonto Dikeh

Halima Abubakar is not happy with her former best friend and fellow actress, Tonto Dikeh, and she is making this clear to anyone who would listen. Read to know why!

Pearl Emmanuel

It’s hard to forget that the relationship between Tonto Dikeh and fellow actress, Halima Abubakar, was once on everyone's lips. The friendship transcended what many had seen in the industry. It looked like a marriage that would never fall apart. But greed walked in through the cracks and the relationship died a colossal death.

It was rumoured that Halima tried to steal Tonto's man back in the day and she found out. The loss was great and it looked like it would never be mended, until Halima fell ill and Tonto came running back to help her with funds for treatment. The relationship looked like it would survive but it was just a matter of time before doubt and insecurity crept in and the two parted ways.

Fast forward to many months later, Halima Abubakar met the owner of Zikel Cosmetics, Mr. Ezekiel. One thing led to another and they hit the sack and became romantically involved. In fact, Halima felt she had seen her helper. She started advertising Zikel Cosmetics on her page but never pushed for an official document to solidify her stance as the brand ambassador that she claimed to be.

Halima was beyond shocked when Zikel announced her former best friend, Tonto, as their multi-million naira ambassador with a deal of 100 million naira. She has gone on to complain to anyone who cares to listen that Tonto played a fast one on her and Mr. Ezekiel used her for sex alone.

Halima Abubakar 
Halima Abubakar 

Many have frowned at Halima for backbiting Tonto instead of being happy for her. According to reports, Tonto helped Halima to the extent that she was the first to take the latter on a trip on a private jet. Halima does not seem business oriented or social media savvy like Tonto. She is perhaps the kind to become too content with a little shower of gifts and never asks to make things official.

A big congratulations to Tonto Dikeh for securing the bag.

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