Yoruba Comedian Calls Out First Bank And Peak For Intellectual Theft

Yoruba Comedian Calls Out First Bank And Peak For Intellectual Theft

“Sho Mo Age mi ni” crooner, Jiganbabaoja, is calling out First Bank of Nigeria and Peak Milk for theft of his intellectual property.

Pearl Emmanuel

Abimbola Kazeem, popularly known by his moniker, Jiganbabaoja, became popular in the late 2017 with his comic song titled "Sho Mo Age Mi ni". It birthed a slang with the same title. The slang was used by many comedians and companies because it trended for quite a long time online.

The comedian bagged a lot of endorsement deals from betting company, Naira Bet, and another auto company who gifted him a car amongst other deals. He rode on the fame his song brought him and instantly carved a niche for himself, delivering indigenous Yoruba comedy online and has dedicated audience to that effect.

Jiganbabaoja has come out to express his dissatisfaction and accuse the banking giant, First Bank of Nigeria, and Peak Milk of stealing his intellectual property without giving him credit or paying for the use of it in their tweet.

According to the comedian, he already trademarked the slang "Sho Mo Age Mi Ni" and, as such, its use anywhere in the world would earn him a fee. He also explained that he reached out to the companies and they refused to acknowledge this or even pay him for using the slang.

This is quite dicey, as the slang coined from the Yoruba language had been in use for ages before Jiganbabaoja ever thought of singing about it.

Some people feel the companies should at least pay a stipend while others are of the opinion that asking for payment is stretching it.

The singer is over-reaching by calling out these companies who were probably oblivious to him trademarking the slang. Nevertheless, the singer should have tried to settle it offline without making a mountain out of a molehill by bringing it to social media.

In his defense, though, Jiganbabaoja claims he uploaded it on social media, so if he isn't settled financially by the companies, his children would take up the fight.

Many have frowned at this, as they believe the comedian is acting entitled to a phrase that wasn't originally created by him.

Do you think the comedian was right for calling out these two companies to pay him? Do you think he has an entitled mentality?

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