Cossy Ojiakor and Halima Abubakar
Cossy Ojiakor and Halima Abubakar

Cossy Ojiakor Explains Why She Labelled Halima Abubakar A Green Snake

Looks like Karma may be finally catching up with Halima Abubakar after all.

Pearl Emmanuel

A picture of actresses, Uche Ogbodo, Uche Elendu, and Halima Abubakar shot in front of Angela Okorie's porch has become a major source of controversy.

Uche Ogbodo made a post appreciating the actresses whom she called her true friends. This didn't sit right with Cossy Ojiakor.

The once popular actress, Cossy Ojiakor, tagged Halima Abubakar a snake after seeing the picture and extensively warned Uche Ogbodo to steer clear of her else she would deal with her and tarnish her image.

Many were initially outraged by these claims and insults hurled at Halima, but Cossy refused to back down. She instead kept commenting and tagging bloggers, while Angela and the others pleaded with her to allow sleeping dogs lie. Yet, the plea fell on deaf ears.

Cossy immediately took to her page to explain why she tagged Halima a green snake. According to her, she was barely new in the industry when Halima traced her to her house and forced a friendship on her.

The busty actress even claimed she was in love with a particular movie director, Theodore Anyanji, who never noticed her. She refused the advances of Halima's men friends who indicated interest in her. This aroused Halima's jealousy, which led her to do the unthinkable.

Cossy explained that she had taken a picture with her dog, Itohan, on set. Halima immediately took the picture and sent it to her journalist boyfriend who broke the news that Cossy slept with dogs of white men for money. This news tarnished Cossy's image, as no one in the industry wanted to work with her or come to her aid or even defend her and explain the true story. This killed Cossy's career even before she had a chance in the industry.

Cossy also revealed that for about 8 years, she was heartbroken and couldn't act because no one wanted to feature her in the industry except actress, Shan George.

According to a source, Halima wasn't alone in the plot to bring Cossy down. Apparently, Daniella Okeke was the catalyst used to speed the process.

Cossy has gone ahead to warn people to steer clear of Halima because of the despicable things she is capable of. She also explained that Halima tried to sabotage Tonto Dikeh's deal but failed.

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