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Ladies! See What Happens When You Don’t Wash Your Vagina
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Ladies! See What Happens When You Don’t Wash Your Vagina

Titilayo Ilori

We know the vagina has a way of cleaning itself, but that is not enough reason to leave it looking dirty and foul-smelling.

You still need to wash your vagina with clean water, so it doesn't ruin your relationship. Below are effects of walking around with a dirty vagina.

1. Nasty smell

If you don't wash your vagina on a regular basis with water, it will start smelling, especially the outer part of the vagina which is known as the valve. This part of the vagina can harbour dirt and sweat if it is not properly cleaned.

2.  Vaginal infection

If you don't wash your vagina regularly, bacteria can build up in your vagina which can result in urinary tract infections.

3. Spread of bacteria

During sex, if a penis penetrates a vagina that is dirty, it spreads the bacteria around the vagina area and this can result in vaginosis and other vaginal infections.

4.  Vaginal irritation

A vagina that is sweaty and dirty can result in irritation and can cause a severe rash around your clitoris. Sometimes, it appears like breakage or rash on the walls of the vagina. It is usually itchy and results in a sore or wound if you scratch it.

5. End of sex and oral sex

If you don't wash your vagina, no man will want to bury his head in it because the smell will piss him off. No man will want to have sex with a lady whose vagina smells like locust beans. If you refuse to wash your vagina, no man will be willing to take your pants off. This will leave you lonely and frustrated.