Ubi Franklin
Ubi Franklin

Ubi Franklin Is Not The Father Of Third Baby Mama’s Child 

Ubi Franklin has been caught in a lie, as rumours are rife that he swindled his supposed third baby mama and he is not the father of the child.

Pearl Emmanuel

News broke recently that Ubi Franklin is on a mission to dethrone popular musician, Tuface, as the Father Abraham of the entertainment industry. It was reported that the record label boss is expecting a fourth child with a serial entrepreneur based in the United States, Sandra Iheuwa.

This came as a shock to many, since Ubi just welcomed a baby boy with his South African staff, Nicola Siyo. Many called him numerous names which were demeaning but the record label boss never replied, which was quite unlike him and suggested that something fishy was going on.

A close source to the alleged baby mama, Sandra Iheuwa, has confirmed that Ubi Franklin paid blogs to carry the news so that he could laugh at the woman's expense.

According to this source who pleads anonymity, the music record label boss allegedly defrauded Sandra of a whooping sum of about 8 million naira. In fact, the lady involved the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission who subpoenaed Ubi and almost arrested him in February, just around the election period.

Some reports albeit unverified have suggested that it took the intervention of Ehi, the CEO of Sayaveth Interiors, to stop the arrest with the promise that Ubi Franklin would pay the money.

Months later, Ubi is yet to pay, according to reports. The lady threatened to go public and release the document to the public and Ubi decided to shame her by paying blogs to call her his baby mama in order to water down her accusations.

Sandra Iheuwa isn't the first woman the record label boss is trying to swindle millions of.

Have you ever wondered where Ubi Franklin makes his millions from? Perhaps he has other sources besides music and swindling could be one of them.

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