5 Traits Of A Cheating Partner You Should Not Ignore
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5 Traits Of A Cheating Partner You Should Not Ignore

Titilayo Ilori

Locking your phone with a security code is normal. People lock their phones for one reason or another, but when your partner becomes too secretive with the password then there is more to it.

It is either he or she has a secret chat, pictures or other sensitive information that you must not see. Below are traits of a cheating partner you should look out for.

1.  Your partner won’t disclose his or her password

There are times you ask for your partner’s  password and they refuse to disclose it to you, and you begin to wonder what they are hiding.

If your partner is someone who refuses to disclose their password, know that there is something on that phone that they don’t want you to see.

2. Your partner changes his or her password frequently

If your partner is the type that changes his or her password every day, then you should be suspicious. Don't be too happy if he gives you his password. He might change it once you drop the phone. Your partner might give you his or her password then change it after giving you.

3. Your partner is nervous when you are with his or her phone

If your partner is nervous each time you pick their phone, there is something wrong. If such a  person does not have a skeleton in his or her cupboard, then there is nothing to fear.

4. Your partner switches off his phone each time you are around

Why would your partner feel the need to always switch off his or her phone whenever you are around? There is a possibility that he or she has something to hide. They would prefer to switch off the phone so as to prevent calls or messages from coming in. If your partner does this, then there is a chance that he or she is cheating.

5. Your partner can't receive a call where you are

If your partner has to leave where you are to pick a call, to send a text or to read a text, he or she is definitely cheating on you.

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