Peter Okoye
Peter Okoye

Peter Okoye Mocks His Twin Brother, Suggests He Can’t Sell Out A Show

Peter Okoye, member of the now defunct group, Psquare, isn’t settling for sentimental affiliations as he promises to sue printers who used his image without due permission.

Pearl Emmanuel

Peter Okoye of the now defunct Psquare group took to Instagram to address the issue of being double booked by his management team.

According to his findings, his twin brother, Paul, has been leading people on in other African countries, giving them the impression that Psquare was back together as a music group and charging people for it.

Peter Okoye got hold of the news when a concerned Angolan citizen asked if he was coming to their country to perform with his twin, to which he replied in the negative.

Peter has also gone ahead to express his anger towards the management team responsible for publicising the flyer and had promised to sue them accordingly.

In his post, he mocked his brother, Paul, by suggesting that he can't sell out a show without banking on his image and also addressed the fact that it was nothing sentimental but he needed to clear his image.

Recall that the twins have not been on speaking terms for years now because, according to Peter, his brothers disrespected his wife and he would not have it.

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