Blessing Okoro
Blessing Okoro

Popular Relationship Blogger Blessing Okoro Deceives Fans, Poses With Another Man’s Mansion

Relationship blogger has been ousted by the owner of the mansion she claimed she built herself.

Pearl Emmanuel

On the 23rd of May 2019, Blessing Okoro, the owner of relationship and matchmaking platform, Break or Makeup, showed off to fans her latest accomplishment, a 7-bedroom duplex she claimed to have completed herself and gifted herself for her birthday.

This announcement came shortly after buying and announcing her newly acquired Mercedes Brabus a few weeks ago. The blogger cum influencer received many congratulatory messages on her recent achievements. She also stated that she wanted to use her achievement to encourage someone.

A new audio recording of the voice of the real owner of the mansion has surfaced online. The owner, an elderly Ibo businessman based in China, can be heard abusing the blogger for lying about the ownership of the house and for exposing his home to the world and endangering him.

He further stated that the house is located in Enugu, close to the rented apartment the blogger lives in.

It has also been alleged that the blogger took money from a tricycle peddler whose picture she posted on Instagram, soliciting for help. Money gathered for helping the widowed tricycle rider was sent to Blessing's account and she only gave the widow an undisclosed fraction.

Some who claim to know the blogger have suggested that she lied about her real age and have maintained that she is actually older than the 30 years she claims to be.

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