Daniella Okeke 
Daniella Okeke 

Daniella Okeke Fights Ghanaian Actress Over Popular Nigerian Clergyman

Pearl Emmanuel

It is no news that exactly a year ago, Stephanie Otobo called out a certain apostle in Nigeria for having sex with and sponsoring the lifestyle of some female actresses in Nollywood. Some of the names mentioned were Daniella Okeke, Cossy Ojiakor, Iyabo Ojo, among others.

Cossy has never denied having an affair with the clergyman. In fact, she openly agreed to pimping actress, Iyabo Ojo, for the purpose of having a threesome with this particular man.

According to rumours, Daniella is about to lose her major benefactor over a silly mistake and she isn't happy about it.

It is alleged that the actress, back in the day, indulged in potty parties in Dubai which was her major source of income. But along the line, she elevated her status and started partnering with big politicians and pastors who found her irresistible. In fact, according to rumours albeit unverified, Daniella has been catering to the sexual needs of this particular clergyman who is quite controversial and recently acquired a private jet. It is said that upon buying the jet, he took Daniella flying just to have lunch in Accra.

The story took a different turn, according to rumours, when Daniella took her new friend Ghanaian actress, Moesha, along. Moesha allegedly took the backyard and decided to shoot her shot as well and it seems the clergyman has fallen for her huge backside, not caring at all that it was surgically enhanced.

Moesha Boduong
Moesha Boduong

Now Daniella has gotten news from her alleged pimp, a female Ghanaian entrepreneur, that Moesha has hooked up with her sponsor and the man is about to drop her hotter than a frying pan.

Daniella is outraged, hence her recent outbursts calling out Stephanie Otobo (who by the way did absolutely nothing to her) to come apologise.

We will update you as more details unfold.

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