Warning! Smoking And Drinking Can Affect Fertility
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Warning! Smoking And Drinking Can Affect Fertility

Titilayo Ilori

Caffeine, tobacco and alcohol are known to have negative effects on health. Regular consumption of these three can have a negative effect on both male and female fertility. The more you take them, the more the risk you are exposed to. We will be discussing the side effects of alcohol consumption, smoking, and caffeine on fertility.

1. Smoking

Smoking is also dangerous to health, as it affects fertility in both men and women. Women who smoke are more likely to become infertile and they might take a longer period to conceive.

Children of women who are heavy smokers get affected too, as they are at a risk of birth defects and low birth weight. Women who smoke also reach menopause faster than women who don't smoke.

Smoking affects the quality of sperm. If your partner gets pregnant, your unborn child is at risk of leukemia which is known as blood cancer.

2. Caffeine

Caffeine is found in tea, chocolate, coffee and so on. A recent study shows that women who do not consume coffee on a regular basis are likely to conceive faster than women who consume it on a regular basis

Excess consumption of caffeine can prolong the time a woman conceives, it can affect a woman's ovulation period, hormones and pregnancy. It can affect the health of her foetus. Women who are trying to conceive should stay away from caffeine.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol has always been linked to fertility issues. It causes a lot of health issues in men. It causes impotence, affects sperm quality and reduces libido. In women, it causes  miscarriages and increases the chances of stillbirth.

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