Blessing Okoro
Blessing Okoro

Why Blessing Okoro Was Arrested By Onye Eze 

Blessing finally met her Waterloo yesterday when she was arrested and disgraced on social media by Onye Eze. Here’s why!

Pearl Emmanuel

Social media is never boring, that much is true. But it has also pushed a lot of people of questionable sanity to do the unthinkable for clout. One of such persons is Blessing Okoro, owner of the popular relationship blog, Break or Makeup.

Onye Eze arrested Blessing yesterday after she continued to deceive people online into believing that she was the owner of the mansion.

Onye Eze is a popular Nollywood producer and also an international businessman. This, many have said, is the reason the matter quickly escalated. Blessing went to the producer’s house on the evening of Sunday, the 26th of May, to make another video. Unknown to her, the businessman had already sent spies who quickly alerted him of her presence. He held her and she started begging. Her parents were said to have intervened, begging and promising that she would never trespass on the man's property again.

Fast forward to Monday morning, Blessing felt the intensity of the social media pressure and saw herself losing the battle. She was surprisingly confident enough to do a live video in the said house, while still claiming ownership of it.

There's a popular Nigerian proverb which says "Who the gods will kill, they first make mad." This indeed was the case with Blessing Okoro, as she threw caution to the wind and went back to Onye Eze's house to post pictures and make a live video.

It was at this point that Onye Eze brought in police officers to arrest the fraud who refused to leave his property alone.

For those asking and castigating the actual owner of the house, he only secured his property from an overzealous intruder.

Blessing, in the video, can be seen begging the man and the police officers to stop the recording. According to a source, the relationship blogger is a pathetic liar. She claimed she worked with the police force in Enugu, yet, she was not recognised by her so-called colleagues.

Is it possible that the lady is suffering from a chronic case of depression or some other disorder and cannot separate reality from fiction?

What do you make of this?

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