Online Troll Exposes Comedienne Etinosa As A Fraudster

Etinosa abandons life projects to continuously mock relationship blogger, Okoro Blessing, who claimed ownership of another man’s house.

Pearl Emmanuel

With the online scandal of relationship blogger, Blessing Okoro, who went to great lengths to prove to all that the house of a hard-working businessman was hers, celebrities are being mindful of the things they expose to the public.

Etinosa, on the other hand, has completely forgotten when she went stark naked on MC Galaxy's live video for clout. She has, in fact, taken the matter of Blessing Okoro to heart and has decided to shame and mock the relationship blogger every chance she gets.

As a result, Bold Pink, known for calling out Nigerian celebrities and influencers regardless of their status, has also decided to visit Etinosa’s lying log.

According to Bold Pink, the endorsement deal the comedienne announced a few weeks ago between herself and a struggling hair company which probably deals in synthetic hair was a huge charade. She insists that it was a farce done to gain attention and trend on social media.

Bold Pink has threatened to release videos and chats exposing Etinosa for the fraud that she is if she goes ahead to challenge her and deny the accusations.

Etinosa did not reply. Instead, she quickly travelled to Enugu where the house of contention is located to make videos and take pictures just to spite Blessing Okoro, the relationship blogger.

Blessing, on the other hand, has taken down the images of Onye Eze's house from her social media platforms and has decided to lay low till someone else becomes scandalous online.

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