Ned Nwoko and Regina Daniels
Ned Nwoko and Regina Daniels

Is Greed The Motivating Force Behind Regina Daniels’ Marriage To Ned Nwoko? (Opinion)

What should we make of this strange union between the young, teenage girl, Regina Daniels, and the much older married man, Ned Nwoko? Should the relationship be blamed on greed or coercion from an interfering mother?

Pearl Emmanuel

There has been a recurring debate since many heard or read of Regina Daniels’ marriage to billionaire, Ned Nwoko.

Some initially felt it was a publicity stunt, while others just wanted to be fed with the news of keeping up with the actress' life. But the question remains, who should be blamed for the union between a young teenager and a much older married man of 62, who is even older than her father?

Is it the mother who decided to break a “generational curse” and marry her daughter off at all costs or is it the daughter who started an affair with the elderly billionaire at an early age?

Regina Daniels and mother, Rita Daniels
Regina Daniels and mother, Rita Daniels

According to a source who knows Regina’s family in Asaba, Delta State, Regina's grandmother gave birth outside wedlock and never knew who was responsible for her pregnancy and no bride price was paid on her head.

This also happened with the women before her. Rita Daniels, Regina's mother met her father, Mr. Jude, and they fell in love. Along the line, Rita got pregnant and there was no one to pay her bride price to. She stayed in the relationship with Mr Jude and had four children in total for him.

She decided to pursue her career as an actress, which Regina's father opposed vehemently. She went ahead with her decision. It has been said that Rita always wanted her daughters properly married off with her bride price paid on their heads, as tradition demands, in order to wipe the shame of the past generations.

According to people in Asaba, Regina had been dating Ned since she was about 16 years old. She reportedly came to her mother earlier this year with the news of her pregnancy.

Reports suggest that Rita saw it as a perfect opportunity to correct the wrong. It is said that Ned never wanted to marry Regina; hence he forced her to partake of the marriage initiation rites.

Rita ensured that whatever it took must be done, so her daughter must marry the man who impregnated her.

Although many have bashed Rita for her decision to force her daughter to marry such an elderly man. The truth, though, is that she feels obligated to right the wrongs of her past and the money is an added advantage.

The real motivation for marrying her daughter off is so the unborn child has a home and a father. The money isn't the motivating factor because the family is averagely comfortable.

The question is, who is to blame in this marriage? Ned Nwoko, the elderly man who slept with a teen? Rita Daniels, who is on a mission to ensure her daughters are traditionally married? Or Regina Daniels who greedily got pregnant for an elderly man?

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