Toke Makinwa
Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa Calls Out Frank Edoho’s Wife For Incompetence

Toke is crying out to the world about interior decorator, Sandra Edoho, who did a shoddy job after receiving millions from her. 

Pearl Emmanuel

Remember that we broke the news of popular media personality, Toke Makinwa, getting a new penthouse in a choice area of Ikoyi, Lagos.

Well, according to the gist, Toke got Mabel Makun, Comedian Ay Makun's wife and CEO of Midas Interiors, to do some of the interior decorations. She further contracted the exquisite taste she wanted to achieve to Frank Edoho's wife, Sandra, the Creative director of Viva Bella Interior Designs, to deliver her desire.

Creative Director of Viva Bella, Sandra Edoho 
Creative Director of Viva Bella, Sandra Edoho 

This project was on for months and the design of Toke's new home looked mind blowing. The finishing looked exquisitely beautiful and she seemed happy with it, until the furniture started rotting.

Toke tried reaching out to the designer but she blocked her on all platforms and sent a text after much persuasion that she had travelled outside the country and didn't want bad energy from the star.

A pissed Toke took to social media to complain about the lady's incompetence and lack of customer service. She explained that her furniture, recently delivered to her, had started wearing out in such little time.

Toke also accused the interior decorator of sabotaging someone else's project and explained that people have reached out to her complaining of the lady's terrible customer service and attitude to work.

The matter escalated when Sandra replied, calling Toke Makinwa a client from hell. Toke chose to respond with several invoices showing the huge sum of money paid for such lousy and unprofessional service and asked the public to judge.

Fans have castigated the creative director of Viva Bella for being so unprofessional and insulting her client instead of striving to resolve their differences amicably.

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