Regina Daniels’ father
Regina Daniels’ father

Does Regina Daniels’ Father Have Ulterior Motives For Sharing His Fears About Her Marriage? (Opinion)

Regina Daniels’ father has expressed concern about her marriage, insisting that Rita Daniels is responsible for the young actress getting married to the much older married man. Is he genuinely concerned or does he have ulterior motives?

Pearl Emmanuel

Regina Daniels' father, Mr. Ojeogwu, finally spoke up about his daughter’s marriage to Ned Nwoko some days ago.

Many had earlier believed that he was dead because that was the news peddled by the family. But after debunking such rumours, Ojeogwu, who hails from Ogwashi-uku in Delta State, revealed in a recent interview that he impregnated Regina's mum, Rita Daniels, and didn't pay her bride price because he couldn't find her father.

He also explained that Regina was born in Alapere-Ketu in Lagos State and he named her after his late mother. According to him, after the split from her mother, Regina went to Asaba to pursue her acting career at her mother’s insistence.

Contrary to public belief, he said, the young actress will not turn 18 until October, as she was born in 2001. He expressed his deep regret that his young daughter went off to marry a man who is older than him. According to Mr Ojeogwu, Ned Nwoko is 62 years and not 59 as he made the public believe. This information he maintained that he is privy to because he and Ned Nwoko lived in the same compound for years in Onipanu area of Lagos State.

Regina's father, in a defeated voice, claimed he spoke with Regina earlier to dissuade her from getting married to the senator but the actress claimed it was already a done deal. Insisting that Regina sounded like she was being forced into the marriage by her mother, he said that he believed the young girl had been brainwashed by her mother with the hope of getting a good life. The actress, therefore, feels like she has no say in the matter, as she claims that Ned is a gentleman who treats her just right.

Many have bashed the father of the actress for speaking up and saying he has no right to lay claim to the four children by tradition. According to the Ibo tradition, a man who doesn't pay the bride price of his baby mamas doesn't own the children because the children belong to the woman's father. So, that is the case with Regina and her father.

There are several questions that keep niggling at us. Why did it take him this long to come out, especially since he was never recognized as her father? What are his motives for coming out? Does he want to be recognised as the child’s father simply because he wants to be associated with a man of wealth and status? Or does he, like Regina’s mother, want to benefit from the man’s wealth? If his motives are indeed pure, why did he never associate with his daughter before now? No one can say for sure what his motives are, but one thing is sure, Regina Daniels’ father does not seem so keen on the marriage between his daughter and the billionaire politician - not without his consent.

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