What Men Want From You But Will Never Say

Titilayo Ilori

There are things your man expects from you, but he might not be able to say it to you, because he doesn't want to hurt your feelings. Below are some of the things he expects from you but doesn’t say.

1.  Stop being artificial

Some women are too artificial. They are used to wearing too much makeup, fixing artificial lashes every other day to the extent that their artificial beauty has taken over their natural look. When they decide to look natural, they look sick. Try to look natural once in a while and your man will appreciate it.

2. Make the first move

Some women believe it is wrong to make the first move when it comes to lovemaking, but it doesn't matter, as long as you have a good relationship with your partner. Your man may not make the first move, he might want to know how much you love and miss him. There are times you will be in the mood and your partner may not be. If you make the first move, he will reciprocate because men are easily turned on.

3. Plan dates

Who says it is a man's duty to plan a date? You can plan a date for both of you. Take him to a place you know he will like. He will appreciate the gesture.

4. Keep your phone at arm's length

Whenever your man is around, keep your phone far from you, so you don't get distracted when talking to him. Some women get carried away with their phones to the extent that they don't care for their partner, and this can cause a big problem, as he might begin to see your phone as his rival.

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