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Hypertension And Pregnancy: 5 Facts Every Woman Should Know 
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Hypertension And Pregnancy: 5 Facts Every Woman Should Know 

Titilayo Ilori

Hypertension has always been a silent killer. If it is poorly managed, it can lead to death. It affects both men and women, but it is believed that women who are close to 65 years are more likely to develop hypertension than men.

Some women develop high blood pressure during or before pregnancy. If you follow the recommendations of your doctor and carefully manage your blood pressure, you will be okay.

Hypertension is dangerous to pregnant women and can make pregnancy severe for women. That is why you need to know the facts about hypertension. They include:

1. Hypertension could occur if you dont keep your blood pressure in check

You must get your blood pressure under control by watching your diet. Watch what you eat. Make sure your food does not contain too much salt.

2. Regular exercise prevents hypertension

Always exercise your body 45 minutes to 1 hour every day, as this will help you control your blood pressure and also increase your strength.

3. Watching your weight helps prevent hypertension

Being overweight is not healthy for you. If you are, you must lose weight in order to have a safer pregnancy and a healthy baby.

4. Smoking or drinking increases the chances of suffering from hypertension

Stay away from smoking and drinking alcohol. It is not healthy for you and your baby. Also, don't take any medication without consulting your doctor.

5. Hypertension affects about 6-8% of pregnant women

Some women develop high blood pressure during pregnancy. This is known as pregnancy-induced hypertension. This type of hypertension is dangerous to both mother and baby but it disappears after delivery.