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5 Signs Your Email Has Been Hacked

Titilayo Ilori

Hacking of emails has been rampant in recent times. Most of the time, when one's email is hacked, the victim doesn't know until after a few months or more.

That is why it is important you don't open your email on a friend's phone, laptop or in a cyber cafe without signing out properly.

Some people make the mistake of clicking on "save password” when they use other people’s devices. By so doing, the person would have access to your email. Once the person goes on the computer and sees your username, the password automatically pops up.

There are signs that indicate that your email has been hacked. Check out some of them below:

1.  If you notice your password had been changed

Change of password is one of the most obvious signs that your email has been hacked. Hackers change your password to prevent you from gaining access to the mail. So, if you try to sign into your mail and you detect that your password has been changed just know that it has been hacked.

People who do not sign into their email account for a long time fall victim, and it takes them a long time to detect because they don't sign into the account frequently.

2. You receive unrecognized messages in your mail

If you notice a suspicious email, it’s best you change your password as it is possible that you have been hacked. Most people don't bother checking their sent items. Once they send a mail, that is the end. Go through your inbox and sent items to be sure no one else has access to your email.

3. If you start receiving emails on the password reset

Once your password has been changed, you will receive a mail from your recovery email ( the email and phone number you linked to your mail) informing you about the changes.

Hackers know that majority use the same password for all of their email addresses, so once they gain access to one mail, they try to hack into your recovery email.

4. Receiving strange messages

Once hackers have access to your mail, they begin to search for vital information, including your credit card or some other personal information.

Most people get bank notification in their email addresses and hackers can use this mail to create messages similar to the ones your bank sends to you. So, if you start receiving strange messages, seek help immediately.

5.  When people receive junk email from you

If people complain of receiving junk messages from your email, it means there is a problem somewhere.