5 Things To Learn From Blessing Okoro’s Saga (Opinion)
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5 Things To Learn From Blessing Okoro’s Saga (Opinion)

If Blessing Okoro’s deceit and the subsequent social media disgrace taught us nothing else, it taught us these 5 things. 

Pearl Emmanuel

It is safe to say, with all that has happened in the social space between relationship blogger, Blessing Okoro, Onye Eze, the China based businessman, and her fans, that many have been left wondering how one person could play with the intelligence of people without consequences or repercussions.

There was a lot of back and forth between Blessing and Onye Eze that we might never know what truly went down between the two and why the latter went off social media after the heat. But there are 5 things to point out from the brouhaha, which all members of the social media community must take note of. They include:

1. Some Nigerians are gullible

Blessing Okoro told a lie and built other mansions of lies to cement the foundation of the first lie she told. She was caught and made to confess and publicly apologize by the actual owner of the house, Onye Eze. In all that happened, many still felt and argued that it was a publicity stunt, a collaboration between the blogger and the China based businessman. Some even pacified themselves by ignorantly admitting it was a movie. The list of excuses for her actions from seeming fans and gullible youths, especially women, was shocking.

The whole saga threw limelight on the simple fact that most people who visit social media are quite gullible and easy to sway. It is for this reason that Nigerian celebrities continue to capitalize on their half-baked mentality of social media space to keep getting more popular.

2. The online community prefers bad news

These days, all people seem to want to hear is bad news. Do you wonder why? Read on. A good example is that of international singer, Tiwa Savage, who left Mavin Records for Universal on good terms with Don Jazzy. It didn't gain as much praise and commendation as expected. But if her exit had left Don Jazzy in emotional stitches, that would have been great news to people.

Blessing Okoro became an instant sensation because she stole the identity of someone else's house. As the story continued to get messy between her and Onye Eze, they both became more popular. Infact, Blessing gained 10,000 followers in less than 48 hours, while others took to Onye Eze's page to follow and also to start begging for money as well.

The relationship blogger also utilized the moment to create, publicize and grow her YouTube channel and her other business platforms.

3. Nigerians love fake people

There are some actors and influencers who are real people living drama free lives but if you check out their social media space, they aren't as relevant as the ones who are controversial. People on social media do not appreciate realness. They are mostly unsatisfied with their lives and desperately need people to vicariously live through. Therefore, they prefer celebrities who flaunt things that are fake and unreal, portraying a facade of reality. These are the ones they appreciate.

Blessing Okoro understood these facts and convinced her fans about her seemingly perfect life - her extremely wealthy husband who had properties and investments worldwide, her mansions whilst living in a rented apartment, her luxury cars she only dove to special events and much more. She fed her fans with lies of her "perfect" life and many desperate women looked up to her, aspiring daily to live her life and forgetting to be grateful for theirs.

4. People throw their bitterness on others to feel good

It is no longer hidden that most people project their negativity on others through social media bullying. Most people will never believe good things happen to people but will be the first to throw harsh words in the name of reprimand to anyone found wanting.

During the Blessing saga, most people blamed her for destroying their relationships and wrecking their homes. It begs the question: how do you let a complete stranger become an authority over your existence?

The fact that Blessing messed up gave others the opportunity to capitalize on that and blame her for things she never knew about. These people would always look for someone to blame for their ills in order to feel good.

5. It is almost impossible to make true friends on social media

The switch was real and Blessing Okoro experienced it first hand. Most of her supposed fans turned their backs on her and mocked her for her mistakes. Even the ones who surprised her at her birthday openly mocked her online and others kept mute and distanced themselves from a sour situation. This goes to show that social media is just for show and it is almost impossible to build true relationships on the platform.

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