Angela Okorie
Angela Okorie

Actress Angela Okorie Curses Fake Friends

Angela Okorie has had it up to here with fake friends, especially in Nollywood. 

Pearl Emmanuel

Angela Okorie is one of those actresses who had so much enthusiasm upon entering Nollywood but along the line some bad experience must have made her face the harsh realities and cruelties of the industry.

She lost her marriage, which produced a son called Chamberlain, in an ugly divorce battle with her husband, and after that, her career seemed to take a deep nosedive.

From her recent post, she might have some disputes with fake friends who might have dealt with and broken her heart in the process.

Angela took to her Instagram page to list some qualities of fake friends in the industry. This post seemed to be addressing a particular person in the industry but the actress has failed to put a name to her description. Read her post below:

There are lots of them doing social media love, preaching gospel, yet they don’t even know God. Some calling you sis. Sis kill u there 😡😡😡😡They comment lovely words on ur post , shameless people 🙈🙈🙈🙈And goes to snitch , say ill things about u, Still goes behind to sleep with ur man. And comes back to say love u sis. God will punish all of you one by one. God will expose you all in Jesus a name Amen. Speaking bad about me will only destroy you especially when I have been of help to you. I said God will punish you. I said what I said. Every unfriendly friend In my life be destroyed by fire. They will still come and comment here. If u know your self and comment on my page Thunder will strike you. Very Any how things them 😡😡 -
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