Did Iyabo Ojo Lie About Her Estranged Husband? 

Did Iyabo Ojo Lie About Her Estranged Husband? 

Pearl Emmanuel

Actress Iyabo Ojo, in an emotional video on Mother’s Day, narrated how she found herself in a loveless marriage.

According to her, she discovered her husband did not loved her on their wedding night, rather he succumbed to societal pressure and married her because she was pregnant.

The actress, who was in tears, explained she defied all odds to be with Mr. Ojo and wanted to make her marriage work by all means.

She went on to explain that she kept trying till she found out she was pregnant with her second child. It became obvious to her after the second child that she was holding on to ashes and decided to walk away.

Speculations suggest that the actress might have lied to the public about what transpired between her and her ex-husband, Mr Ojo.

According to rumour mongers, Iyabo met Mr. Ojo, a struggling carpenter in her time in school at LASU, the former site situated at Isolo.

It is also said that the actress fell in love with the carpenter who although was an illiterate was tall and handsome. Thus she began visiting him regularly.

Iyabo Ojo’s Husband and Children
Iyabo Ojo’s Husband and Children

Not heeding to the warnings of people around her, she went ahead, got pregnant and moved in with Mr. Ojo against her parent's wishes.

The grape vine claim that there was no legal marriage between the actress and the carpenter and they both struggled to make ends meet.

Although he did not have a lot, the source revealed to Happenings that he took care of his family from the little he had, contrary to the actress’ claim that he was a dead beat father.

Furthermore, the source revealed to Happenings, that what was true in her mother’s day tirade is the fact her husband did not love her, because he went on to marry another woman.

While the source said Iyabo Ojo did not raise her children single-handedly as she led us to believe, one thing is clear that she is a good mother. As she has done her best to give her kids the best life has to offer.

While these rumours are a hard pill to swallow, Iyabo’s children visited their father after six years, which collaborates her story.

What are your thoughts about Iyabo Ojo's story with regards her husband?

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