Nigerian Man Vows Never To Buy Davido’s Album

Jayfred Ugo

Jayfred Ugo

A young Nigerian man, simply identified as Al Hassan, has got tongues wagging after stating that he would never spend his money on any of Davido’s albums.

While maintaining that the music star makes too much noise in his songs, the young man swore that a car would hit him if he ever buys Davido’s album.

“Save this tweet, the day i will buy #davido album make motor hit me for road, cus I can’t kill my self with noise,” he tweeted.

Some social media users have tagged Al Hassan a 'Wizkid' fan. There has been no bad blood between two of Nigeria's leading artistes, Wizkid and Davido, in recent times. So, is it possible that Al Hassan is trying to raise dust were there is none, or is he just stating his opinion?

David Adeleke, who is known for his savage responses on social media, is yet to respond to the tweet. Are we in for another bombshell from the 'If' crooner?

Meanwhile Twitter users didn't find Al Hassan's post funny at all, as everyone attacked him. Here are a few responses to the tweet:

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