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Importance Of Sex In Every Romantic Relationship
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Importance Of Sex In Every Romantic Relationship

Titilayo Ilori

If you have a boring sex life, it is best to talk to your partner. Life is too short to have a sex life that that gives you no satisfaction. Let your partner know that you have both signed a life contract and satisfying your sexual needs is part of it. Check out three reasons why sex is important in your relationship.

1. It is pleasurable and enjoyable

Many couples have sex because they want to make babies. If your aim is just to make babies, you can never enjoy sex. The ability to get pregnant reduces because your anxiety level increases, making it difficult to get pregnant. Sex is for pleasure and you should learn to enjoy it.

2. It relieves stress

Sex helps you relax and is a great way to relief you and your partner of stress. Some couples are not happy with their sex life, but they will never speak up because they are too shy to talk and they believe society does not allow such.

3. It is good for conception

Without adequate sex, you will become frustrated, and this might likely reduce your interest in sex. If you are trying to conceive, you should engage in sex as often as you can.