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Shantel aka JpBlush
Shantel aka JpBlush

Drag Queen Reveals He Knows Dirty Secrets About Bobrisky

The can of worms hidden by Bobrisky is about to be opened by the drag queen known as Shantel.

Pearl Emmanuel

2019 kicked off with a messy controversial fight between Bobrisky and one of Toyin Lawani's boys, who calls himself Shantel with the social media handle 'JpBlush'.

He castigated Bobrisky for living a fake life on the gram and for openly disrespecting Toyin Lawani who groomed him and introduced him to the industry.

The drag queen gained instant recognition as he continued to string the public along with news that he would reveal Bobrisky's mother’s identity.

While this was happening, it was alleged that he sent the picture of Bobrisky's supposedly dead mother, who was very much alive and living as a petty trader in Magodo, to bloggers.

This revelations disrupted the Nigerian social media space, as many wondered if Bobrisky could lie about his mother's death just to gain clout and sympathy.

With many speculating what else he (Bobrisky) could lie about?


JpBlush got many people's attention when he put up a post that he was on his way to interview Bobrisky's mother in Magodo. He made a video showing the public he was on his way but stuck in traffic.

Although no one ever saw clips from the supposed interview between the drag queen and the mother of Bobrisky.

In a recent interview with Happenings, Shantel revealed that he went on and conducted the interview with Bobrisky's mother who revealed a lot of secrets about the cross dresser.

He further explained that he was forcefully stopped from releasing the videos by Toyin Lawani who claimed she had pity on Bobrisky and didn't want to ruin what was left of his career.

Shantel claims he still has the recording and more condemning secrets about Bobrisky that would leave many shocked if the public found out.