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5 Training Mistakes Parents Make
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5 Training Mistakes Parents Make

Titilayo Ilori

As a parent, there are mistakes we make and regret making at the end of the day. This mistake can cause great havoc in the life of your children if they are not corrected on time.

1. Not listening to your children's point of view

Children who grow up in a family where they are not allowed to talk, who are not given the chance to contribute and share their opinion always end up feeling neglected.
As a parent, you should  allow your children to contribute, ask for their opinions when discussing family matters rather than neglecting them.

2. Being absent when they need you

Some children who do not feel parental care and love end up been stone hearted while others lack self-confidence. Every child wants his/her parent to be there for them all the time, and on special occasions.

3.  Seeking people's advice on how to train your children

It is wrong to seek advice on how to train your children from another parent. Some parents will give you wrong advice and you might think they have your child's best interest at heart but they don't.

Be wise to differentiate good advice from a bad one. You don't need to consult someone on how to handle your child. As a parent, you should know how to handle your children, sit them down and listen to their problems.

4. Not allowing them to make their own decisions

Most parents have problems with their children simply because they make decisions for them.  Don't make decisions for your children, let them make the decision. If it is a bad one, make them see reasons why such a decision is a bad one.

5. Using offensive languages on them

It is wrong to call your children offensive names each time they do something wrong. Try to control your temper each time you are around them.