Ras Kimono Memorial Day 2019: The Highlights 

Ras Kimono might be dead but his family, friends, and fans choose to celebrate all he did while he lived. 

Pearl Emmanuel

The Ras Kimono Memorial Day lecture held at the Copyright Organization of Nigeria (COSON) house, Ikeja, Lagos.

Professor Egerton Ovegar, a seasoned lecturer of many decades at the prestigious University of Lagos, gave the opening tribute.

First speaker to give a lecture was Professor Duro Oni, one of the most travelled academics in Nigeria. He gave a beautiful speech titled “Revolutionary Music for Equality and Justice.” His speech focused on how Ras Kimono utilized his talent and voice to speak out on behalf of the downtrodden masses who were being marginalized by the government.

He ended his speech on the resounding note that the reggae artiste impacted the lives of many through his good nature while alive. Hence, in death people will remember him for eternity. He, therefore, urged everyone present to emulate the Rub a Dub Master.

Shortly after was a video tribute by fellow reggae artiste, Righteousnessman, who was also inspired by Ras Kimono's songs. He titled his video tribute "Raskimo was a good man." The song talked about the things he achieved while he was alive and the lives he touched.

After the tribute was a speech by COSON president and a close friend of the late Ras Kimono, Chief Tony Okoroji. He talked about Ras Kimono's death and his intention to maintain his legacy.

He played a short documentary of the musician’s life and the tribute he received shortly after his death from friends, colleagues and family members.

Richard Cole, a member of the COSON board, said he regretted the loss of Ras Kimono in the documentary.

Majek Fashek stated that Kimono was his inspiration for keeping dreadlocks. In tears, he revealed that he ran to Ras kimono for advice when things went south. He admitted that since the musician's demise, he has been confused.

King Wadada maintained that the star inspired his move to Lagos and his consistence in reggae music. Others who had glowing things to say about the late reggae artiste were Kenny Saint Brown, Azeezat Allen, both members of COSON, Sir Shina Peters, and Amos Mcroy Jegg.

Tokunbo Amookeodo gave a short reaction to the Memorial Day. He was the musician’s friend for more than 30 years and insisted that death snatched him from the industry.

Ready to take over her father’s legacy, Ogechukwu Kimono launched her album, “Good Ole Days.”

Prince Bisi Olatilo was present to give his speech about Ras Kimono. He also opened the launch of Oge Kimono's album with 750, 000 naira.

The lecture was memorable and quite orderly, as Ras Kimono was celebrated for what he did during his lifetime.

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