Etinosa Idemudia 
Etinosa Idemudia 

Etinosa Denies Planning Nude Live Video With MC Galaxy

Pearl Emmanuel

Shortly after MC Galaxy revealed in an interview that he and Etinosa planned the live video which went viral, she has refuted his accusations. Etinosa replied MC Galaxy, claiming she never planned anything with him and was heavily drunk when she appeared on MC Galaxy's live video.

Since the incident of going nude on a singer's page, the actress claims to have regretted her actions on that fateful day and has apologised. She maintains that she still regrets going nude because she feels she lost her dignity and integrity that night. Etinosa submits that the reason she apologised to her fans and the public was because she accepted her mistakes and wanted to work on them as she became a better person.

She further implies that the reason MC Galaxy revisited the topic of that live video was because of his failing career and he needed something controversial to make him trend on social media at her expense. This is something he seems to have achieved since granting the interview.

Etinosa's point of view might not be lost on anyone, as MC Galaxy just released another single titled "Man Must Wack" featuring Harrysong and Duncan Mighty. This goes to show that it is highly plausible that MC Galaxy indeed wanted to trend and capitalize on this issue to sell his music.

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