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MC Galaxy

Nude Live Video Feud: MC Galaxy Presents Hard Evidence Against Etinosa

The feud between Etinosa and MC Galaxy has taken a new turn as evidence suffices.

Pearl Emmanuel

In a recent video, MC Galaxy revealed that the live video between himself and actress Cum producer, Etinosa Idemudia, was well thought out and planned.

According to MC Galaxy, Etinosa reached out to him saying she wanted to trend on social media. They decided to come up with a plan via an Instagram live video. The singer admitted that Etinosa was the first to make a semi-nude live video and act naughty with the viewers.

He called in and they began conversing. Shortly into the conversation, the live video was interrupted by poor network. MC Galaxy decided to start his own live video too, this time challenging viewers, especially the female folks to dance semi nude and erotic like Etinosa. After some ladies joined the competition, Etinosa called in and went unclad. MC Galaxy admitted that he was a bit shocked by her outrageous behaviour and wanted to end the call, but Etinosa told him not to.


MC Galaxy further showed evidence which suggested that Etinosa going unclad was premeditated. Etinosa, before the live video, had commented repeatedly that she would go nude on MC Galaxy's video, to which the singer only responded with "lol".

The Nigerian music star also said he was shocked when Etinosa reached out to Mr 2Kay telling him to come save her. He revealed that Mr 2kay was indeed angry and this was the reason he cursed the actress. He then reached out to him and explained that it was a planned work between himself and Etinosa. Mr 2kay then took down his post where he abused MC Galaxy and the two reconciled.

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