3 Home Remedies For Heat Rash
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3 Home Remedies For Heat Rash

Titilayo Ilori

Heat rash can appear on anybody's skin and on any part of the body regardless of the age. It can be itchy and uncomfortable.

Heat rash happens when sweat is trapped under the skin. Children are more prone to rash because their sweat glands are tender and still developing.

These three home remedies below will help you get rid of heat rash fast:

1. Fresh Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel has been known as an effective and safe remedy for most skin problems. With no side effects, Aleo vera can help you get rid of skin inflammation, rash, redness of the skin, skin breakage, acne and so on.

Apply Aloe vera on the affected area overnight and wash off the next morning. You can continue till you get the result you want.

2. Apply fresh cucumber

Cucumber is also a good remedy for skin irritation and skin burns, because it contains some cooling properties. Slice your cucumber and rub some slices on the affected area, leave for some minutes before wiping off with water.

3. Use oatmeal

Oatmeal contains a natural ingredient that helps control anti-inflammatory redness and heat rash, and other skin problems.

To apply oatmeal, soak it in warm water and apply on the affected area. You can also bathe with it if you like. Soak it in your bathtub for some minutes then steam for about 30 minutes.

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