Baby girl
Baby girl

President Of Baby Girls Association Fights Dirty Over Wealthy Illiterate Businessman

Baby girl loses husband material over fake life allegations 

Pearl Emmanuel

According to an inside source, the popular influencer and Lagos socialite known as "Baby Girl" is not happy. Reports reaching us suggest that the baby girl was in a blissful relationship with a young man who came back from the states and showed interest in marrying her. They started dating and she has been happy while dishing out relationship advice to her fans.

A bird recently whistled and exposed the baby girl. The young man, who was hopelessly in love with the baby girl, was told of all her philandering ways. Prior to this time, he encouraged the baby girl to get her butt enlarged, which she did. After finding out that the baby girl lied to him, especially about the true ownership of her Prado Jeep, he left her. The jeep was rumoured to have been bought for 40 million by one chief. Shortly after that, the relationship scattered because the chief found himself neck deep in serious debt. The baby girl is known for her internationally acclaimed bedroom skills which most big men and politicians, especially in Nigeria, crave for.

The baby girl is currently keeping malice with her entrepreneur friend. According to rumours, the friend was going out with one popular businessman but kept it a secret because the man, although wealthy, was a stark illiterate. She never disclosed her relationship with baby girl.

Baby girl went on an outing and met the illiterate Ibo businessman. She accepted him because of his money and went on to show him her bedroom skills. The man showed gratitude by contributing to her latest mansion in Banana Island. Her entrepreneur friend got hold of the information and was upset because the Ibo businessman never did anything huge for her. This has led to a serious malice between Baby girl and her friend. This explains why the duo have not been seen together.

Baby girl is still on the case of the wealthy Ibo businessman and doesn't seem to be leaving anytime soon until she is done milking him.

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