Uber Rider Refuses To Pay For His Ride, Claims To Be “Staff”

Uber Rider Refuses To Pay For His Ride, Claims To Be “Staff”

Titilayo Olurin

All hell broke loose today when an Uber rider refused to pay for his ride. The rider, name unknown, had requested for an Uber ride but told the driver that he was a “staff” before he began his journey to his destination.

The driver, apparently not sure what he meant, had proceeded on the journey with the confidence that he would be paid later. But he had no idea what his passenger had in mind.

Still insisting that he was a “staff”, the rider remained unshakeable in his resolve not to pay even after the trip ended. As a result, the two young men came to blows at a popular Victoria Island bus stop, where a considerable number of people who were eager to add fuel to the fire gathered.

The crowd, including passersby, street sellers and some thugs, were all too ready to met out justice to the Uber rider. A few quickly picked tyres to burn the rider with.

Uber has had quite a number of negative reviews in recent years, with many claiming that the drivers are ill-mannered. Some, who have had the most terrifying of experiences with them, have even labelled them rapists, thieves, and kidnappers. But no one has spoken out for the drivers, who only want to make an honest living like everyone else.

Should this driver be blamed for getting into a fist fight with someone who denied him his right to his fees and refused to pay him for the services rendered?

Watch the video below:

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