Rainy season
Rainy season

10 Simple Tips On How To Survive The Rainy Season 

The rainy season has come again and it is essential that we manage it to the best of our abilities.

Onyii Amarachi

Onyii Amarachi

For farmers, the rain could mean showers of abundant harvests and blessings but for the rest of us that may not be the case as we go about our daily affairs.

Who can easily forget the horrific floods that caused a lot of chaos last year, including displacing people, killing some and destroying properties worth millions of naira? Obviously, to the individuals affected, the rain was a curse.

These simple tips outlined below will definitely help you get through this rainy season safe, happy and dry.

● Always have an umbrella handy

Have a small one in your handbag or backpack and another in your car as you never know when and where you can get caught in the rain. Make sure to get a strong and durable one of good quality, so it does not get damaged in a storm and leave you unprotected.

● Have a shower cap

For the ladies, apart from your umbrella, always have a shower cap handy in your bag so you won't have to ruin that lovely hairstyle of yours when caught in the rain.

● Wear warm clothes

Try to wear warm clothing but make sure it is removable in public like a jacket, suit or sweater. Yes, it gets quite chilly when it rains but as soon as the rain stops, everywhere gets warm again or even hot. You don't want to be left sweating profusely after the rain has long gone. But ensure you dress accordingly at night, as we all know it gets pretty chilly then.

● Invest in rubber footwear and bags

This will save you the problem of damaging your expensive and dressy work shoes. It could be rubber sandals or slippers. They are affordable and can be found everywhere. You can easily change into them when you want to go home and the heavy rain has left an aftermath of flooding. The rubber bag will also help protect your expensive and classy designer handbags from being damaged by the rain.

● Clean out your gutter

Try as much as possible to get rid of any water gathering or pooling around your house this rainy season, as this will eventually breed mosquitoes if not properly handled and we all know what that means.

● Take health precautions

Mosquitoes are actually inevitable during this season. So, we need to take proper measures to avoid being hit with malaria. You can start by getting mosquito nets for everyone in your household or yourself, if you live alone, to hang over your bed. Mosquitoes are most rampant at night. You can pull your net down at night before sleeping and fold it up in the morning after waking up. It is not expensive and some hospitals even give them out for free for preventive measures. Then, fumigate your house with insecticides at least once in two weeks to kill any mosquito hovering around.

● Prepare your vehicle for the rain

If you own a vehicle, prepare it for the rainy season, especially when it gets heavy by replacing damaged wipers, checking your batteries, fixing your AC and lighting systems etc.

● Eat right

Take Vitamin C tablets to reduce cold/flu during this season. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and take multivitamins.

● Stay safe

If you are driving and the route you are taking is flooded, take another route that will still lead to your destination even if it is longer, as your life is more important. If you are in a public vehicle and the driver insists on taking a flooded and dangerous route even after being cautioned, alight from the vehicle and get another one. It is better you are delayed than you lose your life like the recent unfortunate case of the young lady who took a motorcycle after work and was swept into a gulley with the motorcyclist by the floods even after onlookers had warned him not to follow that route.

● Most of all, enjoy the weather

When it gets too chilly at night, wear a sweater, a pair of stockings, long pyjamas trousers and wrap yourself up in a blanket. Then, you can make a steaming mug of tea or hot chocolate and settle down to enjoy it with a plate of yummy cookies/biscuits while watching an interesting movie on Netflix and simply enjoying the weather before it becomes hot again.

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