Men! Here Are 4 Signs That You  Bore Her In Bed
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Men! Here Are 4 Signs That You Bore Her In Bed

Titilayo Ilori

Having a boring sex partner is enough to ruin a relationship. As a man, you must learn how to satisfy your partner sexually.

Some men wonder why their partners do not reciprocate during lovemaking. Well, this is because she is either tired of your sex position or boring sex life. If your partner shows these attitudes towards you it means you are boring her in bed.

1.  She keeps asking if you are done during lovemaking

If she ever asks you this question, it means you need to work on your skills. The worst question a woman can ask her man during lovemaking is if he is done before he actually gets started. It means she cannot wait for you to reach climax.

2.  She refuses to be completely naked during sex

Sometimes when a lady refuses to get completely naked during sex besides the fact that it is a quickie, it is a sign that she is not totally into you. She is probably doing it for one reason or another, not for her own pleasure.

3.  If she refuses to experiment with different sex positions

This could be another sign that she is bored with your sex styles. Maybe you both have tried some styles and it is still the same as always. She might want to stick to that same-sex position because it will make you climax fast and you can get off her.

4. If she goes to bed early

If your wife goes to bed either earlier or later than you, then there is a big problem. It simply means she is avoiding your boring sex move. She is avoiding getting intimate with you and she wants to be sure you are fast asleep or she is fast asleep.

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