Vaginal Care: 6 Things To Avoid When Caring For Your Vagina
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Vaginal Care: 6 Things To Avoid When Caring For Your Vagina

Titilayo Ilori

The vagina is a sensitive part that must be treated and handled with extra care. As women, there are things you should not apply or insert into the vagina because you want it to be clean or tight.

The vagina has a way of cleaning itself. All you need to do is wash well with clean water.

Below are things you should not do to your vagina in order to avoid complications.


1. Avoid wearing tight pants

Tight underwear is not the best. Avoid wearing something tight all the time because it can increase the risk of yeast and other vaginal infections.

2. Avoid inserting fruits in your vagina

Some women go as far as inserting fruits in their vagina. This is because they are natural products and people believe fruits will make the vagina smell nice. This act can lead to vaginal irritation.

3.  Don't self-medicate

Once you notice a foul smell or coloured discharge coming from your vagina, make sure you go to the hospital. Don't self-medicate, as coloured vaginal discharge could be a sign of a vaginal infection. Remember some untreated infections can lead to infertility.

4. Be careful of what you use as lubricant

Don't use vaseline or any other perfume jelly as a lubricant. This can cause vaginal infections. Avoid using a lubricant that contains chocolate during oral sex because it contains sugar and can lead to vaginal infections and irritation.

5. Avoid using substances to wash your vagina

Some women go as far as use alum to wash their vagina because they believe it will help tighten the vagina. Alum contains a chemical that causes vaginal dryness which can lead to painful sex and other vaginal infections. Using harsh substances to wash your vagina can also tamper with the pH level leading to infections

6. Pee after sex

It is advisable to pee immediately after sex and not before sex. Peeing before sex can increase your chances of contracting urinary tracts infection. While peeing immediately after sex will help you flush out bacteria before it gets to the bladder

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